What is a Nutritional Therapy

Nutritional Therapy incorporates the science of nutrition to support health and wellbeing, customised to the individuals needs. The principle of Nutritional Therapy utilises the healing power of food and nutrients provided by nature to help us optimise our wellbeing. As a result, this will help to maintain the metabolic homeostasis in the body where the balance of energy passing through the system is maintained to provide adequate fuel for bodily function and structure.

Nutritional therapists use different methods and tools (i.e minimal invasive tests such as food allergy/sensitivity test, comprehensive stool analysis with parasitology, body measurements (BMI, skin fold)) to establish and investigate the potential imbalances in the body which may be associated with a client’s described symptoms. An individual approach proposed by a Nutritional Therapist aims to enhance nutritional balance to maintain equilibrium in the body hence optimise one’s health and vitality. With nutritional therapy the client works alongside the practitioner to tailor a realistic programme incorporating the client’s unique nutritional needs and lifestyle adjustments which will empower the client to accomplish their health goals in the future. 

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Nutritional Therapy should be approached as complimentary medicine and not a substitute for medical practice. Clients with any symptoms potentially associated with an underlying clinical condition (“red flag” symptoms) are referred to seek medical advice at their GP. Nutritional Therapists usually collaborate with medical practitioners (GP) and other therapist to optimize the effectiveness of the client’s care. Ongoing research demonstrates that lifestyle adjustments and healthy nutrition can be beneficial in healthcare by supporting the main systems of the body (including immune, digestive, cardiovascular, nervous, muscular and reproductive). 

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