Consultation & Fees


1:1 consultations where we discover the habits & behaviour preventing you from achieving a healthy relationship with food & your body.


Arranging A consultation

I officiate from my private practice which is based in Sevenoaks on Holly Bush Lane and via virtual (Skype) consultation clinic to make it tailored to your demands and schedule. You can also find me at Neals Yard Remedies every Monday, please contact me directly or call NYR to arrange an appointment.

I offer a free 10 minute phone consultation to discover your needs and explain further proceedings. 

You can make an appointment via email Contact or by calling the number: 07838363096. A confirmation of your booking will be sent to you via email alongside a health questionnaire with a broad analysis of your current symptoms, family health history, prescribed medication or supplements, lifestyle and goals you’d like to achieve. Alongside the questionnaire, you will be asked to complete a 3-day food diary and return it prior to the initial consultation. This will allow me to analyse potential dietary and lifestyle aspects which may be associated with your symptoms and to draw a matrix outlining your current health status. During the initial consultation we will work together towards a nutritional programme which will include dietary and lifestyle recommendations customised to your needs, followed by potential supplements and test recommendations.  After the consultation you will be presented with a Health Optimisation Plan to follow for up to 4 weeks before returning for a follow up (to review the recommendation and test results, address symptoms) consultation which will last 45min and follow the same procedure as the initial. My consultations are tailored according to clients’ requirements and it has shown that my nutritional recommendations can benefit clients who seek help in accomplishing optimum energy levels and gastrointestinal health, hormonal balance, stable blood sugar balance and maintaining healthy weight.

Supporting the whole family with a nutritional intervention


I also offer asupport and nutritional intervention to parents and children with specific health concerns. Science shows that balanced nutrition and appropriate lifestyle adjustments can help to improve growth and development, brain functions and performance at school, gastrointestinal issues, fatigue and poor sleep patterns as well as positively influence the behavioural issues and disruptive behaviour.

Nutritional Therapy can be useful for families seeking support with the following concerns:

  • Poor sleep patterns

  • Behavioural issues (irritability, disruptive behaviour, lack of concentration)

  • Gastrointestinal issues

  • Weight management

  • Food allergies and intolerances

  • Skin conditions

  • Growth and development issues

  • Fatigue and low energy levels

If you would like more information about my services, please send a message via my Contact page.

                                                                                                                  FEES AND OPENING TIMES

Clinic hours:


Mondays 2 – 5pm (Neal’s Yard Remedies - Sevenoaks High Street, last appointment 4pm)

Wednesdays and Fridays - The Hub (St. John’s road)

London Bridge (Metal Box Factory) - evenings and weekends

Alternative times and home visits are also available – please contact me directly to make a suitable appointment.

Consultation fees:

Neal’s Yard Remedies (Sevenoaks, Kent):

Initial consultation – 60£ (60min)

Follow up consultations – 50£ (50min)

Packages: Initial plus two follow up consultations – £145

London Bridge (Metal Box Factory):

Initial consultation – 100£ (60-70min)

Follow up consultations – 80£ (50min)

Packages: Initial plus two follow up consultations – £240

* I offer a 10 minute follow up phone call after the initial consultation to address any additional queries or I am available via email and aim to respond within 24 hours.